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Normandy Class Dreadnought by Darkrelams1 Normandy Class Dreadnought by Darkrelams1
I liked the style of Mass Effect ships so with only a few twist and tweeks I decided to create my own Ships based on them for an Original Universe Concept.

This is the United Systems Alliance Normandy Class Dreadnought. Below Is a description....


Name: Uss Normandy
Registration: Ncc - 17189
Prefix: DSCV-01
Classification: Normandy Series Dreadnought
Classification Prefix: CV-ND1
Combat Ranking: Superior
Class Purpose:
The CV-ND1, Normandy Series Dreadnought was built as a long term multi-mission platform vessel. The Vessel is capable of commanding and coordinating several fleets and combat theaters at once. Equipped with enough weapons and defensive systems to also
act as a Deep Stand Off Offensive Vessel as well as a mobile fortress. The Normandy
class vessels also hold more fighters then a ship of its class as well as more then an
average carrier. This vessel was designed by the Commander of the Alliance Navy so
that he could not only conduct fleet wide operations but explore the galaxy as well and
offer a warship to the fleet that could support it self if needed for long durations.
Ships in Class:
- USS NORMANDY, NCC - 17189, DCV01 (In Service)
- USS AGINCOURT, NCC - 61700, DCV02 (In Service)
- USS COLLINGWOOD, NCC - 45091, DCV03 (In Service)
- USS THUNDER MOUNTAIN, NCC - 09810, DCV04 (In Service)
- USS VANGUARD, NCC - 6610, DCV05 (In Service)
- USS ENDURING FREEDOM, NCC - 51130, DCV06 (In Service)
- USS DESERT STORM, NCC - 1531872, DCV07 (Under Construction)
- USS ARIZONA, NCC - 0039 - A, DCV08 (Under Construction)
- USS ANDROMEDA, NCC - 88120, DCV09 (Planned)
- USS CROWN ROYAL, NCC - 29100, DCV10 (Planned)
- USS ACROPOLUS, NCC - 00829, DC0X (Deployed Classified USA-EFN Intelligance Department)
- USS BLACKFOOT, NCC - 10956, DC0X (Deployed Classified USA-EFN Intelligance Department)
- There are twenty more ships slatted for construction over the next twelve years
United Systems Alliance (Government)
Earth Force Space Navy (Military Branch)
First Fleet, First Division, First Command Flotilla
Maximium Crew Capacity: 3,540
Average Crew Capacity: 2,213
Skeleton Crew: 140
Length: 836.8 Meters
Width: 326.8 Meters
Hieght: 208.8 Meters
Decks: 62
Hull: Trinium/Tritanium Composite
Armor: Neutronium Ablative Armor
- Silerium Carbon Nanotube Fiber Skin
- Strategically located Barrier Shields
Engine Systems/ Power Plants:
- 2 Matter/Anti-matter Conversion Core
- Each Core Generates 18 gigajoule of Power
- 6 Plasma Reactor Generators
- Each Reactor Generates 900 Mega Watts
- 30 Mini Ion Generators
- Each Generator Generates 45 Mega Watts
- 2 Dual Integrated Hyper Drive Coils (4 Coils)
- 6 Class Hx12J Plasma Fusion Drives
- Each Drive Generates over 44,000 kilometers per second of Thrust
- Each Drive has a Temporary Use Burst Thruster Function
- 14 Type B177G RCS Thrusters
- Each Thruster Generates 20,446 kilometers per second at Maximium thrust
FTL Speed: Mark 25x1 Speed of Light (LS)
- Hyper Drive Speed Range Mark 0.5 LS to Mark 25.001 LS
Sub-Light Speed: 0.2 Kps - 269,812.8 Kps
Emergancy Speed Booster: 0.0 Kps - 289,987.9 Kps
Flight Launch/ Recovery Decks: 30
Docking Recovery/ Launch Decks: 4
Support Craft:
4 Squadrons Hammer Head Mk2 Medium Fighters (48)
2 Squadrons Thunderbolt Mk1 Medium Fighters (24)
2 Squadrons Starfury Mk1 light Fighters (24)
3 Squadrons Fortress Mk2 Bombers (36)
6 Squadrons Raptor SVX Mk1 Super Fighters (72)
4 Wings Type II Shuttle Craft (20)
4 Wings Type IV Shuttle Craft (20)
6 Wings Type VII Shuttle Craft (30)
6 Wings ATT (Armored Troop Transports) Shuttles (30)
6 Squadrons Heavy Combat Drones (72)
3 Sqaudrons Medium Combat Drones (36)
- Total Manned Combat Craft: 204
- Total Unarmed Transport Craft: 70
- Total Armed Transport Craft: 30
- Total Unmanned Combat Craft: 108
Missile Launchers:
- 30 Fixed Type 4 MLS Platform Launchers (180)
- (Each Launcher has six reloadable Tubes)
- 74 360 Rotatiing Type 7 MLSE Platform Launchers (296) + (148)
- (Each Launchert Has four reloadable tubes + Dual Plasma Fusion Beams)
Torpedo Launchers:
- 10 Fixed Type 3 RMMT-LS Tubes
- (Rapid Fire Multi-Munitions Tube)
Defensive Systems:
- 4 Type Wells EMSJ Generators (Electro-Magnetic Sensor Jammer)
- 2 Type K1XL6 TSG Generators (Targeting Sensor Gride Jammer)
- 14 Type 4 Trans-Spectral Barrier Shield Generators
- 8 Type 2 Covariant Barrier Shield Generators (Auxilary Shielding)
- 54 Type 5 Patriot Defense Platforms
- (The Patriot Defense Platforms Have two Rapid Fire Micro Rocket Launcher Tubes, Dual Firing Laser Chain Turrets, 1 Explosive energy Pulse Cannon,
Heat Decoy Disperser, EMS Decoy Disperser)
- 8 Dual System Retractable Defensive Global Laser Flack System
- 12 Laser Turrets
Offensive Systems:
- 18 Medium Plasma Fusion Beams
- 22 Heavy Plasma Fusion Beams
- 16 Ion Beams
- 14 Anti-Proton Beams
- 10 Heavy Pulse Plasma Fusion Cannons
- 02 Heavy Anti-Proton Cannons
- 08 Tactical Neutron Beams
- 20 Plasma Turrets
- 32 Disruptor Turrets
- 16 Exlosive Partical Cannon Turrets

- MKS Kenetic Kill Missiles (1,200)
- LKS Kentic Kill Missiles (680)
- DSM Defensive Smart Missiles (1,100)
- HKM Tactical Smart Missiles ( 1,680)
- TTD Tactical Trans-phasic Drones (2,000)
(TTD's are highly destructive drone missiles capable of seeking targets on there own)

- TPT Tactical Photon Torpedo (260)
- DIT Defensive Interceptor Torpedo (500)

- FOFR Friend Or Foe Defensive Rockets (3000)

- WMD Thermal Nuclear Tactical Missile (22)
(Each WMD has a payload of 120 Kilotons)
Darknighthawk Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fascinating. No real strict naming theme, I've noticed. Battles? Battleships? Is it like the USN now and is all over the place?

Also I love the concept. I've thought about plenty similar to it.
Darkrelams1 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
Total of actual Ten for the Systems Navy, but two (in this concept) where built in secret for black operations.  In my concept that I am working on the Alliance (not mass effect alliance) spans a large area of the galaxy and orbiting galaxies of the Milkyway.  Hens the need for a large military fleet.
zuidema Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
Thats alot of ships of the line to have in a navy...
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